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What's The Best Vacuum Cleaner
Are you tired throwing away money every couple of years on those cheaply made department store vacuum cleaners ?.. want to save money We can supply you with a top rated high quality professional cleaning system to fit your cleaning needs at or comparable prices to those - cheaply made department store vacuum cleaner bagged or bag less( Bagless is a flawed concept in my opinion no there are no good bag less cleaners no matter what they claim in any commercial )... with a professional quality vacuum you will not have to throw it away every couple of years. So if you are ready to save money and get the quality service and convince that you deserve stop by my showroom in Sandy Oregon serving the greater Portland metro area or give us a call
What Vacuum Do I Use ?
The most common question that customers ask when in our retail store is "what vacuum do you use" The vacuum cleaner I use is the Sebo Felix, and here's why I chose the Sebo Felix Vacuum to use

First I took in consideration my floor surface My home consist of mostly hardwood floors with a few large Area rugs so I needed a vacuum that could do both carpets and hard surface well

Second my personal preference I like upright vacuum cleaners , Some people like canister vacuums my opinion is not one is better than the other but how you like to clean pushing an upright vacuum or dragging a canister vacuum watch sebo felix video here sebo felix video
Made In America Riccar Vacuum
Well  Since you have now seen and read about the best of German  Engineering  lets talk a little about the best of American made. RICCAR The best vacuum cleaner  you never heard of.. They Factory located In Saint James Missouri produces some of the highest quality Vacs on the market today. where most of the well known brands have chosen to cut production cost and import most of their product from  china / Asia ( to compete for low prices in Big-Marts stores)  making a lesser quality product. While Riccar has chosen a different direction by making highly durable long lasting well performing vacuum cleaners and are constantly looking for ways to improve their product. Dollar for Dollar Riccar  is one of the best made machine on the market today And being made in  the USA makes me happy to support A quality manufacture here in the USA  
Fuller Vacuums
From one of the oldest and trusted names in cleaning you will be amazed of
the quality and the affordability that the fuller brush vacuum cleaner brings to
their products. The Fuller Brush Company has been supplying great cleaning
products for over 100 years
Carpet Pro Vacuum Cleaners
If your looking for a good value for your money the Carpet Pro line is the right choice for you you can check them out in are vacuum links

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