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Riccar American made vacuum cleaners
We here at Sandy Vacuum proudly supports our partnership Riccar Vacuum Cleaners. Not only that I believe Riccar vacuum cleaners are the best preforming, best quality and best Value for your money that all of Riccar upright vacuums are made in America , Saint James Missouri … And now Riccar is in the process of expanding the factory so they they can bring production of Riccar canister line (currently being made in Korea) back to the USA . I as a Independent vacuum dealer applaud Riccar for bucking the trend of other manufactures for doing the opposite. Could it be suppling a great quality Vacuun at fair price be the secret to their success.
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Is Your Vacuum Driving you cuckoo?
Is your old reliable, old faithful vacuum cleaner on its last legs,
Remember when long before the days of the use of using duct tape on the duct tape thats holding the vacuum cleaner together, Or its taking five or six times going over the same spot to pick up a few crumbs,just like all other electric motors,They start losing power a natural occurrence from use. Or from many other reason thats may be making your vacuuming chore a litte less enjoyable. Then its maybe time to consider that new vacuum cleaner.We can now get you in a quality vacuum cleaner made in the USA as low or lower than that imported department store brand vacuum

Hagco Ultra MicroFiber Cleaning Cloths dust mop and wet mops
We are now carring Hagco brand Ultra Microfiber cleaning cloths mops and microfiber clothsaccessories. Hagco is well renowned for their quality products in the cleaning Industry Their microfiber cleaning cloths will holds up under heavy use and are used by professional Janitors and cleaning ladies under commerical use every day that demands quality and hagco products delivers that. Please come in and check out our expanding line of Hagco products.
Simplicity Vacuum Cleaner conversion Chart
We made this Conversion chart to help make it easier when comparing these two vacuum brands. for are customers. The fact is that these two great brands Simplicity and Riccar are made by the same Manufacture (The Tacony Company) in Saint James ,mi and except for a few cosmetic differences, read more simplicity vacuum