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Simplicity Vacuum Cleaner conversion
We made this Conversion chart to help make it easier when comparing these two vacuum brands. The fact is that these two great brands Simplicity and Riccar are made by the same Manufacture (The Tacony Company) in Saint James ,mi and except for a few cosmetic differences, (Color, placement of wheels and lights) They are the same Vacuum Cleaner made in the same American factory with the same high quality parts.. I hope this chart will help in making your next vacuum cleaner purchase easier and less confusing..
Simplicity Vacuum Models Riccar vacuum Models
Simplicity Synergy Tandem Air 15'' Upright (two motors) Vacuum Cleaner
Synergy Same as
Synergy Premium same as Radiance Premium
Simplicity Synchrony Tandem Air 12'' Upright (two motors) Vacuum Cleaner
Synchrony Same as Brilliance
Synchrony deluxe Same as Brilliance deluxe
Synchrony Premium Same as Brilliance Premium
Simplicity Symmetry 15'' Clean Air Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Symmetry Classic Same as Vibrance Classic
Symmetry deluxe Same as Vibrance deluxe
Symmetry Premium Same as Vibrance Premium
Simplicity Freedom Light Weight 8 Pound Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Freedom F3300 Same as Supralite RSL 1
Freedom F3500 Same as Supralite RSL 3
Freedom F3700 Same as Supralite RSL 5
Simplicity Full Size Canister Vacuum
S36 Same as 1700
S38 Same as 1800
Simplicity Mid Size Canisters Vacuums
Verve Same as Pristine
Clinch Same as Charisma
Jessie Same as Star bright
Simplicity Compact Canister Vacuum
Jack Same as Moonlight
Snap Same as Pizzazz