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Carpet Pro CPU--2 Commercial Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

The Carpet Pro CPU-2 Vacuum Cleaner is a great choice for the the user that needs a vacuum cleaner that's a little more heavy duty. Great for those that clean large offices and larger retail spaces, Because of its heavy duty metal parts the Carpet Pro CPU-2 vacuum will Hold up to larger Jobs Its powerful motor will zip right though your cleaning job and leave your carpet clean and well groomed.
Carpet Pro CPU -2  Commercial Vacuum Cleaner
Carpet Pro Vacuum CPU-2 * 10 Amp Motor
* Electrostatic Foam Filtration
* 40 3wire cord
* Metal Handle
* metal Brush Roll
* metal Brush roll Plate
Soft Furniture Guard
Working width:14 Inches
optional Add on Items
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Fits all Carpet pro uprights Vacuums
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Fits all Carpet pro uprights Vacuums