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Miele vacuum cleaner review

Miele has made a great name for its vacuum cleaner line here in the USA over the last 10-15 years by becoming one of the industry best selling premium "canister" vacuum cleaner line; which they deserved. Their uprite Line nowhere the same quality as their canisters. While the premium line is still being made in Germany their other lines are being manufacture in China which in my opinion has lessen the quality of their product for those lines but still a high quality vacuum cleaner. Mostly sold though independent vac shops and some web sites. my advice would be to buy from a local vacuum cleaner dealer for these reasons your local dealer will supply you with better support than dealing with a warehouse in a different state that are really not trained to take care of your needs build a relation with your local Miele dealer and you will be rewarded in most cases.

Now Miele has more competition than ever with other brands like Sebo another german made vacuum cleaner line. Sebo has been rated the number 1 German vacuum company over miele eight consecutive years and are proud of the ranking for best quality, and holds the title for largest commercial vacuum cleaner company in the world Sebo vacuum info here

But some of the stiffest competition may come from a Usa company Tacony maker of the Riccar, A premium vacuum cleaner line made here in Saint James MI. As noted by Businessweek article Tacony over took sales for premium vacuum line in 2004 and has not look back more Riccar info

Miele vacuum cleaner comparison
For this comparison we are only comparing Meile Canister against Sebo and Riccar canisters only as the sebo and riccar uprite are much higher quality than the miele uprites. Since all three makes a premium canister of high quality we focus more on vacuum cleaner features and value for your dollar I will touch on a few main features

Number 1: the belt system meile and sebo uses a geared type belt while Riccar uses a kevlar belt while all are good the sebo belt system works the best and both the riccar and sebo belt are warranty for the life of the vacuum

Number two: Filtration again all three uses S class hepa filtration the highest grade of hepa
while cheaper vacuum cleaners use a high dense low volum hepa. Sebo puts thier s class hepa
filters inline befor the motor which adds more years to the motor life and less service issues

Number 2: power wise when measuring power on a vacuum cleaner all manufacture looks
at the air flow the vacuum cleaner moves (cfm) cubic feet of air per minut. were miele
and riccar are close 120-140 cfm the sebo comes in at around 170 cfn
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