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Riccar Brilliance Vacuum riccar radiance
Riccar Brilliance Tandem Air
The Riccar Brilliance uses Tandem Air Technology, Tandem Air means that it uses two cleaning motors to clean your carpet. The first motor, the red direct air motor as illustrated in the picture to the right is placed before the the cloth hepa bag, picks up the dirt and pushes the dirt into the bag while the second motor in yellow a clean-air type motor placed behind the bag sucks the dirt into the bag and exhaust the clean air through its S-class hepa type filter system. Quality built in St James Missouri.. The Riccar Brilliance the smaller sister to the Riccar Radiance are two of the best cleaning vacuums ever made.

Life Time Belt Guarantee
The Riccar Radiance uses a High quality
Kevlar belt and the Halls sensor technology to detect brush and belt jams gives you trouble fee use of the vacuum
Metal Cord Hook
Built strong to with stand many years of use

Metal Foot Release and Locking Pedal
High Grade Stainless Steel Brush Roller
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