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Why buy A Riccar Vacuum Cleaner
Riccar believes your money is better spent on a quality product that’s affordable. All design work, engineering, construction, and materials center around the principle of building a high performing machine built for years of durable use. This is where Riccar offers value not seen in other vacuums. We take great care in designing and constructing our machines. There is a growing demand from consumers seeking better quality, longer lasting machines. Riccar caters to consumers looking to save money over time by buying right the first time. The phrase “you get what you pay for” is so true in the vacuum cleaner market. Riccar takes you to a higher level of carpet cleaning with their Advance Plus Filtration system vacuums. Six filters, including an electrostatic filter bag, allow you to capture 99% of vacuumed dust and debris at 0.1 micron to leave your carpet refreshed and revitalized after each vacuuming.
High Performance
The majority of vacuums sold today do an adequate job of picking up the surface carpet dust and debris, but a poor job of deep cleaning the carpet and getting the dirt, sand, and grit out of the nap, which can greatly reduce the life of the carpet. Riccar's high efficiency motors, along with our Clean Air By-Pass system, give our vacuums superior sealed suction and airflow, both of which contribute to deep cleaning. This, combined with a metal brush roll featuring high grade replaceable brush strips, creates the agitation needed to help loosen dirt, sand and other ground-in contaminants allowing the high powered vacuum to remove them from the carpet. The 8000 series also features a "Turbo Chamber" brush roll tray that creates a cyclonic action that increases cleaning efficiency up to 25%.
Specialty Features
Because of their diverse distribution, most manufacturers are forced to design vacuums to fit certain price points. Riccar America sells strictly through a select group of independent retailers who are committed to supplying their customers with the product that best fits their needs and truly cleans their carpet. This allows us to build the best vacuum we can design at a reasonable cost and depend on our retailer network to demonstrate the value of the product. Riccar represents the highest standards in design, material and durability. Below are just some of the specialty features we offer on various models.
Wear Guard Metal Pivot Point Design No longer does the main housing wear at the main body to nozzle pivot area. (Radiance and brilliance Series Only) WearGuard ensures against chassis wear failure , which could be a large expense. This is the most common problem are for other bypass vacuum brands. Key moving parts are metal “wearguard” pivot design ­ steel brush roll, base plate, dust compartment pivots, and motor. The hinge points of the main body to nozzle pivot area are replaceable. This extends the life of the vacuum far beyond the competition.
High impact ABS Resin and polycarbon used in all plastic parts
Will not crack and break like “cycloac” material used in many other brands. Chromed steel bottom plate with screw-style fasteners This smooth polished finish glides easily on all carpets and will never cut and roughen the way plastic bottom plates do. Two screw fasteners offer maximum strength and a secure, tight fit. Deep rib dust compartment filter guard/ bag support This support grid allows for maximum airflow even when the dust bag is full.
Thermal Reset Motor Safety System
If your machine should get clogged or jammed, the circuit breaker safety system shuts the vacuum off before it overheats and ruins the motor. This extends the life of the vacuum and prevents costly repairs.

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