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Sebo K3 canister Vacuum Cleaner

Sebo Felix
Sebo C3 Canister

Sebo K3 canisterThe Sebo k3 is a mid size canister with big time power. The k3 Sebo canister boasts a Whopping 120 CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) the main factor in determing the power of a vacuum cleaner. The only canister vacuum that list a higher CFM rate is its big bother the Sebo C.3 Canister with a 140 CFM rating. And like with all the Sebo vacuum they are built to last Rated the number One Vacuum out of Germany 10 consecutive years for product quality. The Sebo K3 is a perfect match for those that wants a smaller more light weight vacuum, but with a powerful motor system.

Sebo K3 Standard Options
The Sebo K3 comes with the Et-H power head
The Power head delivers the best In Cleaning effectiveness with its electronic variable height adjustment. The unique pivoting brush roller housing allows the power head to adjust to brush height for cleaning different surfaces the t shape head allows for duel-edge clean. The brush pressure can be adjusted for soft or hard surfaces
Parquet Brush | Bare Floor Tool

Deluxe Wide Hard floor Attachment with swivel Neck

Felix S Class Hepa Filtration
The three layer filter bag collect the mast majority of the dirt
Any remaining partials are the trapped by the hospital grade micro filter Finally, the micro exhaust filter cleans the exhaust air that the vacuum emits. the air belt disperse the filtered exhaust air around the canister

The S-class filtration system is perfect for those with allergies

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