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Sebo Vacuum Cleaner History

History that kicks up dust. About 80 years after the first vacuum cleaner patent
was issued, two engineers were persuaded to reinvent the vacuum cleaner. With
skills both in theory and hands-on work, these gentlemen founded Stein & Co. GmbH
in Velbert, Germany and, in 1978, developed the SEBO 350. This vacuum cleaner was
designed to pass the hardest test: to facilitate the work of cleaning professionals. Due
to the patented technical innovations that allowed effective cleaning of all kinds of
carpet and the ability to clean the tightest corners, this first model immediately
impressed the demanding cleaning personnel of hotels, hospitals and offices. With
the addition of unique features such as an integrated (or on-board) hose, a clutch-protected
brush roller and a by-pass motor, the first SEBO caused quite a sensation.
Today, with over 3,000,000 upright vacuum cleaners sold, SEBO is the global leader in
commercial upright vacuum cleaners; and all SEBO machines are still designed and produced
in Velbert. This is why famous carpet producers world-wide recommend SEBO vacuum cleaners for daily cleaning in order to maintain the quality and value of the carpet.
Now you too can have SEBO's professional expertise and unique design features in your
household. Get to know the SEBO FELIX
X 4 Series Upright Felix Series Upright C3 Series Canister K series Canicter
Sebo Rated #1 Ten consecutive years Over Miele and Bosch by market intern
More exciting news for Sebo Felix Line
Sebo Felix  makes Time Magazine's List of Best products
   People and  Places for 2005
   The November 28th Issue of Time Magazine features their annual Style and design supplement that highlights the picks for most influential new products of the year .
Felix was chosen for its bold colorful retro look and its superior maneuverability. With its ability to clean an area 20-25 % faster than a traditional uprights Felix is becoming the hottest new product available though  specialty vacuum cleaners stores
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